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Check out this Tub to Shower Conversion for the Miller family in Birmingham

The Miller family in Birmingham, AL was considering a tub-to-shower conversion for their upstairs bathroom. Bath Planet of Birmingham is a bathroom remodeling company that offers free estimates and specializes in Tub to Shower Conversions. The Miller family was interested in the upgraded package, which includes a tub to shower conversion, a new shower pan, and a new shower door and ultimately decided to choose the package! When it comes to Birmingham Tub to Shower Conversion no one has more experience than the team at Bath Planet of Birmingham!

New Tub to Shower Conversion for this happy Birmingham Family!

The Miller family is excited about their new shower and how the bathroom looks. The upgraded package was a great option for them because it includes a tub to shower conversion, which will make their bathroom more accessible. The new shower pan is a great addition, and the new shower door will really improve the look of their bathroom.

The Miller family is looking forward to having a new shower that is easy to use and looks great. Bath Planet of Birmingham is the perfect company for them because they offer free estimates and the Platinum Package is a great option.

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$500 Off + 5 years 0 interest!

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